ashla jaye

     His Instrument. 

             His Canvas. 

                    His Clay.


"The ability to take just a mere thought, and produce beautiful melodic/harmonic masterpieces, is mind blowing sometimes. And that can only be credited to the Lord above." - Ashla Jaye


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Ashla Jaye is from Houston, Texas. Her musical journey began with piano lessons and singing in choirs at a young age. She started writing her first songs as a teen, when her enjoyment of music began blossoming into a passion for creating music. This passion heightened through the years, as her relationship with Christ deepened. His redefining and redirecting process over the last ten years, has shaped Ashla into who she is now and is becoming. Therefore, whether its worshipping, writing lyrics, creating melodies, or teaching others the gift of music, Ashla sees it all as a privilege and an honor. Through music, Ashla wants everyone to feel the love, joy, and peace that the true Creator gives. 

"Christ is the sole basis for every creative thing that comes out of me" - Ashla Jaye
His Instrument. His Canvas. His Clay.

Ashla Jaye is also a piano teacher and has been servicing the Houston area for over nine years.  To find out more about piano lessons, please fill out the connect information and write in the message area, "seeking piano lessons info".

Also check out the sheet music page to see original piano score to purchase for you, your student, or your child!


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is a dramatic song filled with emotion. This song speaks about God's plan of redemption and all that His son endured just to get mankind back to Him. This song is not your traditional worship melody, but it recounts the single most important event in history. From the vibrato, the build ups, and the creative musical arrangement, you can feel the passion and raw emotion. He did it all for us!


“Words have power: Speak wisely, Sing gracefully, & Write with purpose”
— Ashla Jaye
“Don’t be stained with the world smear yourself with the presence of the Lord and His glory”
— Ashla Jaye
“Let His light guide you through the darkness”
— Ashla Jaye
Your choices/actions/decisions are just reflections of your heart.
— Ashla Jaye


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